AEOSS can provide oilfield equipment from various manufacturers around the globe, including many of the top brands in the oil and gas industry. However, we heavily promote manufacturers to end users that have provided us their territorial agency agreement, which is why we are honored to state that we are the official manufacturer representation for Abacus Valves International Ltd!

Abacus Valves International Ltd

ncv_-_isoAbacus Valves was established in 1988 to manufacture and supply wafer check valves to the process and energy industries. Since then the company has grown consistently through our ability to understand and meet the customer’s needs, cost effectively and on time.

Through many years of experience and specialisation we have developed the most comprehensive range of wafer valves in the UK. When this is coupled with the capability to manufacture our range from an extensive range of materials, you can be confident that Abacus is your one stop shop for all your wafer check valve needs.

Design and Development

743x_sprung_disc_-_isoOur design and development team are continually re-evaluating, improving and adding to our product range using the very latest CAE techniques. Abacus Valves operates with a fully integrated 3D CAD, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software package. In addition, we are able to utilise the same skills and experience to undertake design and manufacturing projects, allowing us to cater for any special need.


Abacus and their partners have invested both in CNC and conventional machine tools. It is part of an on-going programme designed to enable us to respond quickly and efficiently to the highest standards of craftsmanship.


4x7_twin_plate_-_isoCommitment to continuous improvement through employee participation, is an underpinning principle of our business approach. Quality assurance is the vehicle we use to carry through this improvement. All valves are manufactured to the applicable national standards while Abacus itself operates a quality system independently accredited to ISO 9001.


7x0_isoCommercial and technical assistance is available through our internal sales team based at our Kilbirnie factory. We will also be pleased to provide on-site technical assistance when required. In addition, the UK is covered by a network of stockists/distributors who can offer complete valve packages.