About Us

American Eagle Oilfield Services & Supplies, Inc. (AEOSS) was established in 2008 to handle all domestic sales and service operations in the United States from its parent company Kalla & Sons International, Inc. Nevertheless, AEOSS still has a global presence through its three divisions:

  • Oilfield Supply Division

  • Oilfield Services Division

  • Special Projects

The management of AEOSS is confident that it can provide a wide spectrum of quality services to our customers. With resources to outsource from numerous manufacturers, AEOSS can generate and provide business transactions by locating and matching the specific manufacturers with the right partner for the right project at the right time.

If the client is not satisfied with the manufacturer, our sales team is confident in providing the best value offer to our clients by providing offers from alternative manufacturers.

Simply, stated, our business is connecting the United States to all the global markets.